Some things you might not know about lemons:

  • Lemons are members of the Rutaceae family (Rutceae).
  • Lemons have been used as contraceptive in historical times and lemon juice has been shown to kill HIV.
  • Lemons are native to south east Asia, Persia and the Himalayas.

Botanical Information

Family: Rutaceae

Scientific Name: Citrus limon

Etymology: The name Citrus comes from the Greek word kedrus which refers to heavily scented wood.

Uses: Lemons are high in vitamin C, pectin, and essential oils.

1 thought on “Lemon

  1. No, listen´╗┐ to me. That is a false myth. I am very exieeprnced with this. Blood pH doesn’t change. I have been dealing with this false info from people for years. I am also the only one out of all of them that has been able to help people stop their pains from cancer other degenerative disease. I understand science. Myth can be repeated 1000 s of times on the internet, but facts remain. Lemons are void of the alkalizing minerals. Protein breakdown from acids make unhealthy alkaline ammonia.

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